BIS Bayreuth SACD

The cover art of the BIS 1951 Bayreuth Beethoven Ninth has been released.

It is a simple and pleasant design that utilises Emil Orlik’s 1928 portrait of Furtwängler now kept in the British Museum. Furtwängler was 42 years old at that time.

Portrait of the conductor; in profile to left. 1928 Etching and drypoint
© The Trustees of the British Museum

As mentioned in my previous post, the duration of this SACD will be 85 minutes because it is meant to represent the whole broadcast recording, including the pre-concert announcement, the concert with the intervals between movements and the very enthusiastic applause.

As such, one might have gathered from the internet that many Furtwängler aficionados have already braced themselves for a thorough comparison with the Orfeo release based on the Bavarian Radio archived recording 🙂

The SACD (BISSA9060) is expected to be available in mid-December.